Products and Packaging

Our Products

Our jewellery are made only from superior quality crystals such as Top Grade AAA+ Cubic Zirconia imported from Switzerland for an incomparable purity, fire and sparkling effect.

Each piece is carefully designed with the perfect fusion of material, aesthetics and craft. All stones are set by hand from craftsmen with years of experience, with at least 3-5 layers of real gold/rose gold/rhodium plating thickness, and finished off with the polishing technology inherited from Germany.

You can really see and feel the quality difference when you are wearing it, when compared with a thinner plating or lower quality crystal jewellery.

We use environmentally-friendly zinc alloy or copper with no Lead and Cadmium. Therefore our jewellery is anti- allergic and suitable for sensitive wearers.

We advocate that self-confidence and respect are the prerequisites of feeling beautiful; having beautiful jewellery will help to accentuate our strongest points. Not only will you feel comfortable wearing it, but it will also complement your beautiful inner self and let it shine.

Differences between Crystala and other crystal jewellery:

1. We use 3-5 layers of real gold/rose gold/rhodium plating. It costs 10 times more than bad and thin plating.

2. We use environmentally-friendly materials, which is anti-allergic, safe and suitable for sensitive skin wearers. Our jewellery do not contain cheap alloy, chemical fake gold, no lead or cadmium as they can be acidic and harmful to human body.

3. All stones are hand set by craftsmen who have years of experience, and using polishing technology inherited from Germany to make sure there are no stains and uneven areas. Each piece is carefully designed and reflect the designer's pursuit of perfection.

4. We only use the highest grade Cubic Zirconia (real AAA+ and above grade) imported from Switzerland, which has an incomparable sparkling effect like a diamond. Bad quality Cubic Zirconia or rhinestone crystals aren't as shiny and not as many facets/cuts. Cubic Zirconia crystals have a higher shine than Swarovski Crystal Elements.

Some comparisons of other crystals on the left and our Cubic Zirconia stones on the right.

comparison between cubic zirconia and other crystals

There are less cuts in other crystals as seen on the left, whereas more cuts are shown in our Cubic Zirconia stones on the right.

comparison between cubic zirconia and other crystals

The other crystals appear less shiny on the left compared to our Cubic Zirconia stones on the right, which have an incomparable sparkling effect like a diamond.

comparison between cubic zirconia and other crystals

Our packaging

Our jewellery pieces will arrive carefully packed with a special packaging card made with 216 gsm, 30% post-consumer fibres and acid-free cardstock, which are printed in the United States.

As a bonus, each piece will come with their own special jewellery velvet bag. These light purple velvet bags are custom-designed with a white rope string and silver bells for closure.

The only exceptions are larger Bridal Necklace pieces, which will come presented in a branded Crystala gift box instead of the special packaging card.

Luxury Boxes for the Perfect Gift

If you are purchasing our jewellery as a gift, you can add a gift box to make it more special!

Our gorgeous gift boxes come in few different sizes, each designed to fit a jewellery type. These luxurious pearl white gift boxes have an insert of soft velour foam. They are produced in Denmark and guaranteed to be the highest quality.

A special jewellery velvet bag will also be included with every jewellery piece. It will look like it was bought from a luxury jewellery boutique!