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TVB Miss Chinese Australia Pageant (Melbourne Region) August 

Miss Melbourne logoCrystala is the main jewellery sponsor for TVB's Miss Chinese Australia Pageant (Melbourne Region). We are very honoured that we are chosen to be the company who will supply the tiara crowns for the winners of the night! A huge responsibility and designs are already in production for it! The show will be on TV when it airs on August. 

It is the largest annual beauty pageant in Australia and it attracts many young ladies from all over the nation to participate. This contest provides an excellent platform for contestants to develop their inner beauty and improve their self-confidence. Through a series of professional training including, modelling, styling, etiquette, conversation and make-up and other aspects, contestants will be able to present themselves as a perfect Asian beauty to the audience. This beauty pageant is also significant in building a closer tie to the Chinese community, and establishes a new image of modern Chinese females in Australia.

“Miss Australia Chinese Pageant” covers the whole of Australia, and lasts nine months every year. It is the longest and largest event held by the local TV platform in Australia. The regional finals are appointed to outstanding businesses with high profile of event experience. They are responsible for the regional contestants’ recruitment, promotion, sponsorship, final organisation and implementation. The winners will then represent Australia and participate in the forthcoming “Miss Chinese International Pageant” held by TVB Group in Hong Kong. View more news and photos.

Face Of Beauty - Victoria

Crystala was the jewellery sponsor for the Face Of Beauty Pageant Show on June 27, 2015 at Cardinia Cultural Centre.

Face Of Beauty International, founded by Mila Manuel in 2011, focuses on encouraging young women to gain greater confidence in themselves and enable them to share their knowledge, experience, and developed skills with future aspiring young leaders around the world.

Not just that, but Face of Beauty International also empower young women and provide them with the skills particularly communication skills.

Such skills will increase the capacity of young women, so they may confidently endure and venture into any industry they wish.

The four winners (Sapir, Courtney, Kayla and Olivia) will be flying to Sydney to represent Victoria at the National finals! Good luck to them! Photo credits to Face of Beauty Victoria.

Winners at the pageant

Our founders Jen and Zhi were so honoured to have the opportunity to be guest judges on the night, as well as prize presenters. Photo credits to Katrina. 

Prize presenters and judges for the night

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