Jewellery Hire - How it works

Hire Crystala Jewellery in 4 simple steps

How it works

Step 1 - CHOOSE: Select your jewellery, let us know the date of your event, and check out.

Step 2 – RECEIVE: The chosen jewellery will arrive via Express Post 2 days before your event.

Step 3 - SPARKLE: Prepare for the compliments and the camera! You are the STAR! Enjoy the moment.

Step 4 - RETURN: Send the jewellery back in our prepaid satchel within one week for half your money back.

Please read and accept the Rental Agreement prior to ordering.


Jewellery Rental

Why hire jewellery?

Hiring jewellery is a new concept that is ideal when you want to wear something different for every special occasion, or a once off event such as a wedding. You can indulge yourself and change your jewellery without the need of owning it - for just a fraction of the cost to look your best!

How do I know what styles suit me if I haven’t seen the jewellery?

You can send us a photo of your dress and our team of stylists can let you know what pieces are suitable, alternatively, you can book in a session to see, feel and try on the jewellery prior to renting if you prefer. These sessions can be booked by emailing our team and will have a security bond of $50. Please note this payment will be paid in advance and will be arranged with our team member. This payment is to ensure your session is booked in, and is 100% fully refundable after you attend the session.

Do I have to put in a bond for the jewellery hire?

No, the way it works is that you pay the full price for the jewellery and when the jewellery is returned within the timeframe, we will refund half the cost of the piece(s) to you within 24 hours.

What if the jewellery I want is unavailable for my event date?

Please contact us and let us know which jewellery piece you want for your event and we will let you know whether we have any similar alternatives that you might be interested in.

What is the rental jewellery’s quality like? Are they cleaned?

We take pride in the quality of our jewellery and ensure that all our pieces created using the best quality materials and craftsmanship. Each piece is inspected thoroughly and is professionally cleaned prior to packaging so you can be sure they will sparkle and shine at your event.

We have high standards in every respect so we will only hire each jewellery set a certain number of times before replacing it with a new set - so rest assured you will not be hiring a jewellery set worn hundreds of times.

I have sensitive skin, will I be able to wear these jewellery?

Of course, all our jewellery are hypo-allergenic and suitable for sensitive skin without causing allergic reactions.

Do you mix retail jewellery and rental jewellery together?

No, we have a separate inventory for rental and retail jewellery. Rest assured we will never sell jewellery if it had been a hired piece before. Occasionally, we will have flash sales where you will have an opportunity to buy rental pieces for a huge discount when we replace the sets.

What happens if my jewellery is defective or lost a crystal when it arrives?

In rare cases when this happens, please let our team know on the day you receive the jewellery by emailing us and we will resolve it for you ASAP.

What happens if I do not like the jewellery I received?

If you have received the jewellery and decided it does not match your dress style or you simply do not like it, you can contact our team via email on the day you received it and we will resolve it for you.

What if I love the jewellery I got so much that I want to keep it?

Sure, if you decided that you would like to own the jewellery, just let us know. We will even return 10% of the purchased price to you.

Can I cancel a rental order?

As long as we haven’t posted it out, we will be happy to cancel an order for you. Please email our team and we will send you a cancellation confirmation when this happens.


When will my jewellery arrive after I order?

Your jewellery pieces will be delivered to you via Express Post 2 days before the event. You will get a notification email with a tracking number when your order is shipped so you can track its progress and date of arrival.

What if my jewellery doesn’t arrive in time?

We advise that you book in the date of the jewellery hire 1 week in advance so we have enough time to get the jewellery out to you – even though we use Express post, we would like to ensure it arrives at least 2 days before the event date.

When does my rental period start and end?

Your rental period starts on the day it is received (via tracking on the website) and to be posted back within 7 days inclusive. E.g. If you post back on the last day (day 7), we will receive it by day 8 or 9. If the rental period ends on a weekend, you can post the item back to us the next working day. This is not a problem at all.

Where can you ship to?

At this stage, we are only shipping hired jewellery pieces within Australia. If you are planning to hire the jewellery for an overseas wedding or event, let us know and we can arrange to see if we can extend the jewellery hire date for you (this will be on a case by case basis).



When do I need to return the jewellery by? What happens when I return it late?

Ideally within one week (7 days) after you first received the jewellery to get your half price money back. Longer rental times will result in a higher rental cost which will be calculated as a late fee daily. You will be contacted and notified of this when it happens.

How do I return the jewellery? Do I need to pay for shipping?

You can package the jewellery back in its original state, put it in the pre-paid satchel provided and simply drop it off at any post office or street post box. There will not be any shipping charges, as it will be covered by us at Crystala.

When will I get my money back after returning the jewellery?

You will get an email from Crystala once the jewellery has been received. Refund to your original payment method will be made within 24 hours of receipt. There will be a tracking number when you return the item so you can track when the item is received by our team.

What if I lost the pre-paid satchel?

You can purchase another envelope from your local Australia Post or let us know and we can replace it for you.

What are the late fees?

Within 1 week return = no late fee, 50% money back

Each day over 1 week = additional late fee 5% per day.

After 14 days = non-refundable 100% jewellery hire fee.

Any other questions?

Please contact us and we will be happy to help :)