How it started

Crystala Jewellery was founded by the husband and wife duo - Zhi and Jen.

Photo of Zhi and JenThis is our story...

The idea came about when we were planning our wedding in 2014 and had a hard time deciding what bridal jewellery to wear and where to get it. 

The alternatives were either real diamond necklaces with an enormous price tag for a one-time use, or some retail store chain's fashion jewellery that costs $10.00 but does not sparkle. We didn't like any of those choices. It was an important event and we want to get it right.

We have done some research and many prospective brides have had the same problem - so we came up with a solution to fill this gap in the market.

Our persistence has paid off:

After gathering many samples later from different companies, our persistence has finally paid off when we found the best manufacturer to create the perfect jewellery. It used an innovative fusion of material and aesthetics, and every piece reflected the designer's careful craft.

The jewellery was made with environmentally-friendly material which was suitable for sensitive skin wearers, hand-set top quality AAA+ Cubic Zirconia crystals from Switzerland and used polishing technology inherited from Germany. The necklace was shimmering and sparkles with every movement you make. This became the perfect wedding jewellery for Jen.

On our wedding day, we has heard some guests whisper over whether the necklace was made from real diamonds, and another one responded saying it is, since it was very sparkly, so it must have costed thousands.

The continued compliments and research became a great motivation for us to connect more people to high quality premium jewellery, thus our brand - Crystala Jewellery was born.

Crystala's vision and future:

Crystala has now expanded their collection to include jewellery for evening dresses, formal, special occasions and everyday wear.

Our vision is to become the most loved and trusted brand for high quality affordable premium jewellery in Australia.

We believe all women should be able to spoil themselves and create 'wow' moments without the diamond price tag!

Photo taken by PixRay Photography