A fashion forward piece that combines trendy design and classic elegance. 


This unique and attractive golden wreath ring is an attractive blend of tiny sparkling cubic zirconia stones on a paved rose gold setting, which will be sure to complement a range of styles.


Make a statement with this dramatic white gold plated ring. 


Gorgeous 0.5 carat heart-shaped top quality Swiss Cubic Zirconia set in a Bezel setting ring plated in your choice of white or rose gold.Featuring top quality AAA+ cubic zirconia stones with perfect cutting, pure colour, high clarity, and is multifaceted with maximum brilliance and shine.


Simple and sophisticated, a gorgeous 1 carat ring is every lady's dream to own one!The round brilliance cut stone is one of the most desired styles for an engagement.Featuring a crisp cubic zirconia stone set majestically on a 6 pronged claw. No one can distinguish it's not real diamonds with a naked eye.

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